Thursday, 26 November 2015

Where Can I Find the Best Commercial Laundry Service?

Laundry service is very important and essential for you who want to clean your clothes and fabric completely. This service is suitable for you who don't have a lot of time for taking care of your clothes, fabric, and any other items now. If you look on the market in Singapore, you can find some professional cleaning service companies now. However, not all companies are ready to provide high quality service for all users. It is the right time for you to look at some of these simple tips, so you can compare all available companies easily.

Where Should You Find Some Commercial Laundry Service Companies?

1. Look at the business directories

This is the easiest way for you to find some popular laundry service companies in Singapore. You can look at any business directories that are available now. These directories are usually available in any resources, including online and offline. When you visit these business directories, you are able to find some laundry companies, their options, phone number, and many other essential details. Business directories usually provide complete information about any businesses or companies in Singapore. However, they don't provide real reviews and testimonials from other users or customers in this area now.

2. Check from search engines

When you want to read some reviews about some popular laundry companies, you can consider this tip now. You can check from the search engines, such as Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and some other sites. These search engines allow you to find some popular laundry service companies and their reputation. You can find some reviews that are usually written by many other customers now. These reviews are very useful to help you find the best company for yourself. Reputable companies tend to provide high quality and great service for all users that are available in Singapore today.

3. Ask for referrals

This is another easy way for you to know some laundry service companies that are available in Singapore. You should ask for referrals from your friends, families, relatives, and other people around yourself. They may have some recommendations about how to select their favorite laundry companies in this country. This tip can help you find some good laundry services from your trusted relatives. Therefore, you don't have to deal with any bad companies that are available in this area. Don't forget to ask your relatives about their favorite companies, so you can also use similar companies as theirs.

Laundry Services Singapore

If you want to find a good laundry service in Singapore, you can contact Laundry Service Singapore now. There are some good benefits that we want to offer from our laundry service company. Because of these benefits, many people are also using our professional service today. Our company receives many good testimonials that usually come from other happy customers. Most of our clients are happy with the result, especially after they clean their favorite clothes by using our professional laundry service in Singapore now. Here are some reasons why our laundry service company can be a great option for you.

1. Good for any products

Our laundry method is suitable for any types of your products, such as dress, skirt, vest, blouse, tie, shirt, coat, mattress protector, pillow case, and many other products. You should be able to clean anything in your home when you contact our company now. You can visit our website's homepage for finding some popular products that we can clean regularly. Our laundry cleaning method is safe for any types of products that are made from different materials. Because of this reason, many people want to hire our laundry company for cleaning any products now.

2. Safe cleaning procedure

We have some professional laundry experts who have a lot of knowledge and experience in this industry. They know about different fabrics and how to take care of these products carefully. We are able to provide the best service for handling any products from our customers safely. If you want to clean all products safely, you can contact our professional laundry service company now. We can provide extra care for taking care of your fabric, clothes, and any other products carefully. Our professional laundry service can help you maintain the quality of your products easily without any issues.

3. No hidden fee

This is another benefit that we want to provide for our customers. When you use our laundry service, you should never have to worry about any hidden fees. We don't want to charge any unnecessary costs or fees to our customers. Before you use our laundry service, we strongly recommend you to contact our company now. Make sure that you get the latest quotation from our company. This quote is available for all customers who want to clean their clothes and fabrics completely. You can manage your own budget when you take a look at this quote from our company.

4. Delivery option

Laundry Services Singapore always wants to provide high quality and great laundry service for all people in Singapore. We understand that you may be busy with your daily activities. Therefore, you can contact our company for asking about our professional laundry service. We offer delivery option for supporting all users' needs. Our pickup and delivery options are available for any customers without additional costs. We want to provide both options for offering the best service and incredible option for all users in this country. Our members are going to pickup and deliver all of your products to your property safely.

If you want to hire the best laundry service company, you should contact our professional laundry company now. Laundry Services Singapore is ready to provide great performance and quality for all customers. We are ready to keep all clothes and other important products in your home as clean as possible. Make sure that you book an appointment with our professional experts, in order to clean all of your favorite items completely. Our reliable high quality laundry service company is available for about 24 hours a day, in order to provide great service quality for our customers in Singapore.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Where Can I Find Reliable Hotel Laundry Pickup Service?

There are many people who want to find the best hotel laundry pickup service. This service is very useful to help all tourists enjoy their vacation in Singapore today. There are some laundry pickup service companies that you can find in this country. Therefore, you need to compare some available companies before selecting the right service for yourself. When you want to hire the best laundry service for your needs, you can contact Laundry Services Singapore today. This company offers some good benefits or advantages for all customers now. Here are some reasons why you have to select this laundry service.

1. Professional cleaners

This is the main benefit that you can get from Laundry Services Singapore. This company has some professional cleaners and workers. They have proper knowledge and skills, so they are ready to help you clean any of your items or clothes properly. They are very friendly to all customers, so you can contact them for asking about your needs and preferences. Because of these professional workers, you are able to use this service for cleaning your items or clothes properly. All workers are licensed and insured, so they are able to provide the best service quality for all customers from this company.

2. Safe cleaning supplies

Some people are interested with company because of this reason. This company has some safe cleaning supplies that are good for your clothes. When you plan to clean your valuable items, you need to select this company today. You don't have to deal with any harmful and dangerous chemical substances when you hire this service. This company is recommended for you who want to choose a safe laundry service company today. When you want to ask about all available cleaning supplies and tools, you can contact this company at anytime you want.

3. Affordable service

This is another good reason why you need to select this Laundry Services Singapore. This company has affordable service for all customers. When you contact this company, you can ask for its quotation. This free quote is available for all customers who want to manage their own budget easily. Its affordable laundry service is very useful to help you clean your clothes without spending a lot of your money. This company also has some additional discounts or deals for all customers. You can contact this company when you want to ask about all available deals or packages.

4. Free delivery and pickup service

When you want to clean your clothes during your vacation, you can contact this laundry service today. This company offers free delivery and pickup service to all properties, hotels, apartments, and many other places in Singapore. You can enjoy your vacation without leaving your hotel, especially when you want to clean any of your clothes properly. This laundry pickup and delivery service is very comfortable for all customers. You can save your money and time when you are using this laundry service company. Many people are interested with this laundry service because they want to use this free pickup and delivery service.

5. Good customer reviews

This is another good reason why Laundry Services Singapore can be a perfect option for you. This company receives many good reviews from its customers. Many people leave good reviews because they are impressed with high quality service from this laundry service company. This reliable company is well-known for its high quality service, so you can rely on any good laundry services from this company. When you want to choose the right laundry service, you need to read many reviews or testimonials from other customers.

6. Quick laundry service

When you want to enjoy your vacation or business trip in Singapore, you may want to choose the best laundry service with quick service. Laundry Services Singapore is one of the best laundry service companies in this country. You don't need to spend a lot of time for cleaning your clothes, towels, and other valuable assets. In most cases, this company can complete the cleaning process in 1 - 2 days. After this company is done with the cleaning process, it is going to send your items back to your hotel immediately. You should be able to receive clean items and clothes in your hotel room easily.

7. Experienced company

You should realize that the Laundry Services Singapore has a lot of experience in this industry. This experience allows you to enjoy high quality features and services from this company. Most workers are able to clean any types of clothes or valuable items safely. When you want to choose the best cleaning service company, you need to select an experienced company. Because of this experience, this company is ready to clean any types of fabrics, such as cotton, wool, cashmere, and many other cloth materials easily. There are some fabric experts who also work with this reliable laundry service company.

8. Available for 24 hours a day

When you plan to clean any items quickly, you can contact the best laundry service company in Singapore. Laundry Services can be a perfect choice for you who want to get any high quality services instantly. This company is available for 24 hours a day. This fact shows that you are able to contact this company at anytime you want. This company is also supported by its professional experts. These experts know how to handle any cleaning projects quickly. They can help you clean any types of fabrics, clothes, and any other materials completely. You can call this company at anytime you want, so you can select the right cleaning service from this company.

Laundry Services is recommended for you who want to clean your clothes properly. You can save your time for cleaning any of your valuable assets. When you use this service, you are also protected by its warranty. This warranty is very useful to ensure the overall quality of the service from this company. Before you hire this laundry service, you can contact its customer service today. This customer service is ready to give you free quotation, in order to help you manage your own budget easily. Don't forget to book your appointment, so you can clean your clothes quickly.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Must Leather Jackets Be Dry Cleaned?

A high quality leather is a very prized possession. Thousands of people in this world put a lot of effort in finding, caring for and showing off their leather jackets. Having a high quality one is like having a well groomed beard; it is a personal statement that shows your style and personality. A 'cool' leather jacket shows that you are tough, suave, easy going and ready for anything and everything. Be it a vintage classic, a motorcycle jacket or a designer label leather jacket, the same amount of pride and care goes into preserving and it keeping it beautiful for a long time. With that in mind, many jacket owners wonder, Must Leather Jacket Be Dry Cleaned?


The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of ways to clean and care for your leather jacket. Yes, dry cleaning them is one of the best ways to care for them. But it is not the only one. You can actually hand-clean your leather jacket frequently to keep it shining and well conditioned. Dry cleaning these jackets is a choice that most people make because many leather jackets require special care. The kind of care that only professional dry cleaners can offer on a regular basis. But, regardless of whether or not you dry clean your leather jacket, there are certain maintenance and care tips that you must adhere to. These include:

Reconditioning and cleaning
The one thing that many leather jacket manufacturers advise clients to do is to condition their jackets as soon as they buy them. Although, today almost every leather jacket is preconditioned before it ever gets to the client, it is only prudent for one to take as well a care as they can of their prized possession. So, when you buy a new leather jacket, you need to condition it first before you wear it. This will give a better chance of maintaining that beautiful new leather look for years to come. Conditioning your leather jacket is easier than most people think:
- Apply a highly recommended conditioner
- Apply a waterproofing product
How to condition your new leather jacket
- Take a soft piece of cloth
- Apply a light coating of your conditioner/ mink oil over the entire leather surface
- Gently rub the conditioner into the leather

That is all you need to do. Be sure to apply a very light coating of the conditioner. Overdoing it will mean making the leather slimy or sticky. This conditioning ensures that the leather does not easily crack, dry or rip. It will help maintain that wonderful leather look and feel all the while keeping that aromatic leather smell from fading.

As a rule of thumb, you should have your leather reconditioned and cleaned at least once every year. This is when the dry cleaners come in. As much as you can regularly clean your leather jacket at home, you still need to take it in for a thorough, all around cleaning at a professional dry cleaners.
But, if you are going to be cleaning your jacket at home, you should always makes sure that you follow the exact instructions given on the inside label. This is the manufacturers cheat code. By following these instructions you can keep your jacket looking brand new and clean for a very long time without spoiling it.

As mentioned earlier, dry cleaning your leather garments is the best option since you have professionals who know exactly what it takes to properly clean leather without ruining it. As prudent as this is, there comes a time when the cost is just too much. Honestly, taking your jacket in to the dry cleaners every other day can be a little costly. That is why it is advisable to have some handy tips on how to care for your jacket so that you do not have to dry clean it every other week. Here are some simple leather care tips to help you maintain a clean jacket without regular dry cleaning:

1. What to do when your leather jacket gets wet
At some point, your leather jacket is going to get wet. Either it will get rained on or some water-based accident might happen and you will get your prized jacket wet. When this happens, what do you do? Experts say that the simplest and most advisable way to handle this is to hang the jacket to dry. But, you should never hand it near any source of heat. This means no hanging it near a heating vent and definitely no dryers. This kind of heat will cause the jacket to shrink or lose it's original shape.

2. What do you do about stains
When you get a stain on your jacket, the best option is to go to your trusted dry cleaners and ask for their advice. Many people think that they can just scrub off any stains that their leather jackets get. This notion is absolutely misguided. If you try to remove stains from your jacket without professional help and guidance, you will end up causing discoloration in that part of the jacket and once this happens, you will have a very difficult time trying to dye it back. It is best to take to the dry cleaners and let the professionals deal with it.

3. How do you store your leather garments?
Hang them in a dark dry place that is away from direct sunlight as this will cause the leather to fade. When hanging your leather jacket, make sure that you use a padded hanger so as not to distort the original shape. Also, cover your garments with a a bag made of cloth, not plastic. Plastic covers do not allow the leather to 'breathe'. Without the proper covering, leather can develop mildew or mold.
You may think that your leather garments do not need regular cleaning because they always look so dark and awesome. But the truth is, they need cleaning just like any other garment you own. Make sure you take your leather jacket in to the dry cleaners for a thorough cleaning ever so often to ensure that it remains as attractive and as beautiful as it was when you bought it. With proper care, leather can remain brand new for a very long time.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Should Winter Jacket Be Dry Cleaned?

Dry cleaning refers to a laundry service that involves the use of no water when cleaning clothes in order to remove dirt and any soil particles. When it comes to dry cleaning your winter clothes, special attention is required since the material used on winter clothes is different from that used in general clothing. Dry cleaners use various types of chemicals and solvents in order to eliminate dirt and also treat other stains. The process of dry cleaning starts with the staff inspecting the clothes with the purpose of identifying greases, oils, dirt and juice stains on the clothes.

The staff will follow by pre treating the stains with various solvents in order to dissolve the stains therefore ensuring that the integrity of the material is maintained. Once the pre treating stage is over, the clothes are placed in a washing machine where perchloroethylene is added.

Perchloroethylene is a chemical that is formulated with the purpose and strength of removing dirt and stubborn stains that are deeply seated within the fibers of the fabric. The use of the chemical is highly recommended due to its nature of ensuring that the color or the fibers of the fabric are maintained. It also helps to ensure that the clothing does not shrink when cleaned therefore one is assured that the cloth will fit them after cleaning is over.

Should winter jacket be dry cleaned?
Your winter jacket and other winter clothes require special attention especially when it comes to proper care and cleaning. Majority of people do not know the proper methods of cleaning their winter clothes. Cleaning your winter clothes using the wrong method will shorten the life of your clothes therefore making them unusable during the cold season.Dry cleaning of winter clothes has turned out to be a popular way of cleaning them and below is why it is important to dry clean your winter jacket.

a. Durability of your winter clothes
Winter clothes are designed with materials that help to retain body warmth therefore ensuring that you don’t freeze as you go about your duties during the cold months of winter. To ensure that you maintain the integrity of the material, you need to have your winter clothes dry cleaned. The use of solvents to dissolve the stains instead of other harsh cleaning methods helps to dissolve the stains leaving the color of your fabric intact. Dry cleaning ensures that your winter clothes last longer therefore providing you with warmth during the cold months of winter.

b. Its affordable
Winter clothes are designed to be heavy and thick therefore ensuring that your body is able to retain warmth that is necessary to prevent you from freezing as you face the freezing temperatures outside. Cleaning winter clothes can be very expensive since the professionals need to maintain the integrity of the material and colors of the fabric. Dry cleaning agents offer individuals good deals for cleaning your winter jacket as the cleaning is done once in a while and is usually effective in getting rid of the stains and dirt.

c. Assured of thorough cleaning
Other methods of cleaning winter clothes are not effective and usually leave many clothes with stains and dirt. This may lead to the clothes emitting an odor as one walks in them. With dry cleaning, it is able to overcome this since the use of solvents to dissolve the stains and dirt has superb results which means they will be very clean and no odor will be emitted. Germs may exist in the dirt that has stained your clothes therefore when you choose to dry clean your winter jacket, you are assured that they will eliminated. This is beneficial to individuals who are highly concerned about their health and well being.

d. Shortened drying time
During winter, the sun’s warmth is not present which therefore means if you were to clean your winter clothes and have them dried outside, you will wait an eternity in order to ensure they are completely dry. The freezing temperatures outside will not only slow the drying process but will also lead to the destruction of the winter clothes therefore making the clothes unusable during the cold months of winter.

Dry cleaning as a popular method of cleaning winter clothes eliminates the need of waiting for a long period of time in order for the clothes to dry. The method ensures that the clothes dry evenly and quickly therefore ensuring that the integrity of the material is maintained. This helps to save you on costs of buying more winter clothes as well as time in order to account for the drying period.

e. Wear and tear is reduced
Winter clothes are used for a few months in a year therefore normal wear and tear is usually minimal. When it comes to cleaning, dry cleaning as a popular cleaning method helps to reduce wear and tear that is common with other washing methods. Dry cleaning method utilizes the use of solvents which help to dissolve the stains from the fabric therefore removing the dirt as well as retaining the color and the integrity of the fabric. Dry cleaning method does not use a lot of friction when used to clean winter clothes therefore helps to reduce wear and tear.

This ensures that one gets to use their winter clothes during the current winter and the future ones as well. In conclusion, dry cleaning is a popular method that is effective in cleaning winter clothes. The process involves the use of solvents which help to dissolve the dirt as well as other stains. Different solvents are used to dissolve different stains but with the expertise of the staff, they will be able to use one that won’t interfere with the integrity of the fabric.

Dry cleaning has several benefits which include retaining the integrity and colors of the winter clothes, ensuring that the winter clothes remain durable, reduces shrinkage and fabric distortion and also helps to prolong the life of the winter cloth. In some cases where winter clothes are made of sensitive fabric, the method helps to ensure that their integrity is maintained.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

8 Common Misconceptions On Sofa Cleaning

Most often than not people carry out their critical household cleaning tasks in a way they may be used to, but which might not necessary be the right way. This in most scenarios usually leads to a lot of time wasting and can even be a major drain on finances in the long haul in repairing the damage that has been done.

For instance, taking a case study of sofa cleaning that most homeowners at one point or the other have to undertake, many people sadly just don’t know how to go about this process. The sofa or coach if you like is an integral component of all living rooms, and out of sheer necessity has to be kept clean always. Yet quite a huge number of individuals utilize completely wrong ways of cleaning this piece of furniture. To which end, this article is designed to review some of the most prevalent misconceptions that surround sofa cleaning and the right ways of doing it.

Well, with that understand let us now take a look at some of the most common coaches currently in market.

1. Microfiber sofas
A lot of individuals have the unseemly notion that the fibers in this type of sofa are entirely dust and stain resistant.

· Given most of these furniture come with tightly woven fibers that can significantly eliminate the accumulation of dust and allergens. But with protracted utilization this resistance can begin to wane, requiring thorough cleaning to keep the sofa in good condition and appearance.

· To properly clean a microfiber coach you will first need to vacuum it preferable using a suitable brush attachment to get rid of all the accumulated dust and other particles.

· When it comes to spillage the fabric of this kind of sofa are noted for preventing staining, but this doesn’t make them stain proof per see. In the event of extensive spillage on your microfiber coach you will need to consult its care label and determine if it is ok to utilize a water based stain remover. On the other hand, if the label recommends that a solvent appropriate you may as well give it a try.

· One important thing to be cautious about carrying out such sofa cleaning is to try out the cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the coach before working on the visible areas. This will prevent any damage that may arise to affect the sofa.

2. Microsuede sofas 
A common misconception concerning microsuede sofas is that they can be cleaned just like any other couch. There are diverse ways to clean these furniture.

· Some of them can work well with strong albeit mild water based cleaning agents, while others necessitate the application of special solvent cleaners.

· In the first instance you can make a solution of a mild soap, sufficient water as well as a few drops of vinegar to get rid of any unseemly odors.

· You should however first careful consult your coach’s care label as some microsuede sofas can be damaged when water is used to clean them.

· If this is the case for you, you should use only an excellent upholstery that you can spray directly to the fabric as you target the stained spots.

3. Leather sofas 
Unlike what some people may like to believe leather sofas cannot be cleaned using a regular cleaning agent such as water based or solvent solutions. The application of these cleaners have been known to severely damage theses coaches and significantly ruin their elegant appearance. 

· With regard to this, you should only settle for suitable leather cleaners and conditioners when attempt to clean a leather coach.

· As for the actual cleaning procedure to adopt, you should first make sure that you vacuum the sofa thoroughly , before you start using the cleaner.

· You should only target the spots that are stained, and after doing this you should wipe the surface clean using a dry cloth. This ensures that no moisture is retained on the surface.

4. Fabric sofas
Some individuals believe that fabric coaches require special cleaning attention, but this is just a fad.

· In essence these pieces of furniture can be cleaned in basically the same way you would a microfiber sofa.

· You can utilize way water along with some drops of a mild dish washing solution, which can make sure that your coach is always in good condition.

5. Feather stuffed sofas 
Like most other common coaches, feather stuffed or if you like, down filled sofas, can over time accumulate dust and dirt. But unlike what some people think, these particles don’t cling to the upholstery, but rather on the detachable components such as the cushions and the pillows.

· When carrying out sofa cleaning on this kind of furniture always go through its care labels particularly those of the cushions and their make.

· If they are made of down material that integrates a foam centre you can hand wash them, but you should afterwards make sure that the foam is dried up completely.

· Should the care label recommend dry cleaning, you should dispatch them to a professional dry cleaner.

6. Removing odors from sofas
Another critical part of comprehensive sofa cleaning is the elimination of odors that may cling to these pieces of furniture after prolonged usage.

· This doesn’t necessary mean that you should wash your coach, rather you ought use and bio enzymic cleaner.

· Such cleaning agents can easily kill all pathogens that may have infested your coach and do away with the odor that emanates from them.

7. Airing of sofas
If you have just bought a sofa that was kept in storage for a long period of time, you don’t have to wash it to remove the smell it may have. 

· An excellent way of getting rid of this particular odor is by airing you coach out in open.

· This will easily get rid of the smell, without requiring vigorous cleaning.

8. Pillow and cushion drying
Improper drying of these two items can be dangerous to your health and that of your family, unlike what some people may like to believe.
· If the prevailing weather conditions may not allow you dry them outside, you can accelerate the drying process by placing such item in your dryer.

· But always make sure that the appliance is in its no heat setting. Doing this can prevent mold and mildew from growing on these sofa items.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dry Ceaning VS Laundry Wash For Curtains

Most times when you look for a new curtain, not thinking and maintenance and cleaning them. The most important thing is that it will be more appropriate to what you need for your room. Because most of them are made of brittle materials, you will find below some basic tips on how to clean the curtains without ruining them. Before you start to wash curtains you should first read the instructions on the label or to remember the advice you've received about their cleaning and maintenance when you have purchased. If you do not have any of this information, you have to rely on what others have tried before you. It is best that the curtains be washed by hand and not machine. Before you do this, you have to try on a much smaller area of ​​the screen and less visible as a small amount of water and detergent. If it does nothing wrong, you know that you can wash curtain smoothly.                                                                                                                                                                            

Most curtains should be washed at temperatures as low as possible and with a smaller amount of detergent than you normally put on clothes. If you put curtains in the washing machine, it is best not to put them directly. We have put them first in another bag. Some are already equipped with such bags, if not, you can put them in a pillowcase that can be closed pretty good. Also, remember that before you put the curtain in the washing machine, you should check very careful not to be left various other items (clamps, clestisori etc.).

If you just want to clean dust curtain without a brush, you can aspire. That way there will be no need to take it off to remove dust and various other bacteria that usually remain on the fabric. Do not forget to put a vacuum on the last power stage, so no risk to the gallery to be put too much pressure, or as a veil to be drawn into the vacuum cleaner.

The same applies in the case of curtains. Regardless of the material they are made, it is good to have as much care to not damage them. Apply the same rules above to make sure you will not have problems when it comes to appearance of windows. The next time you take your curtains or drapes, inquire more concrete information about how to maintain the type of material that you purchased. Grandma had the most beautiful curtains in the world. Here's how to wash the curtains and some secrets to help you when you cherish.

One of the basic rules that you need to consider when it comes to wash curtains are cleaning instructions for the material from which they are made. Various materials behave differently to turn the washing process, so sometimes it might not be advisable to wash them in the washing machine, and sometimes, to go to professional laundry rooms.

One of the tips on how to wash curtains grandmother said that if you wash them very'll cause material degradation. The veil is washed two to three months, the lace from three to four months, and the dense and thick in two months if needed. It is not advisable to wash curtains (including curtains children) and the curtains too often, however it is recommended weekly cleaning of dust, a tuft of dusters or vacuum at very low power. If you caught the ring curtains, you use less often, it's good to shake a few days (without removing them from the galleries) and then vent the room to get rid of dust.

Start cleaning the curtains of dust, from the bottom up, and insists on areas with folds and extremities. Make sure you have cleaned and on one side and on the other, for the folds of the curtains are particularly suitable places for the development of mites.

Wash curtains. You can wash curtains smoothly, if the material allows it for washing machine. Choose a delicate wash (with fewer rotations) without centrifugation at temperatures of 30-40 degrees C, which does not affect the material. It is recommended that velvet curtains, plush or other material more demanding to be taken to the cleaners. Wash curtains when not mix with other textile.

Before washing, remove the curtains those rings, metal Rig Rings. The plastic may remain on the screen, they are related in a washing bag. After the last rinse water must be emptied and the material is removed nestors. Drying not allowed curtains in driers. Dark colored curtains should be washed separately, using a detergent that does not discolor the fabric. Great attention to drying - it's good to stretch wet curtains, the place and leave them to dry themselves. will remain straight as would be broken. Synthetic yarn curtains washed and blanched slightly, if after you have rinsed it take 10 minutes in water with added salt.

When it comes to cleaning curtains the aspect of dry cleaning versus laundry wash is always a delicate one. You need to take into account the material from which your curtains are made as well as the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. Laundry Wash will only work in certain cases whereas dry cleaning is guaranteed to work on all fabric types and assure steady results with time.
Studies have proven that it's best to resort to dry cleaning if you care for the fabrics of your curtains, since it is a more delicate process and works every time.

Depending on the type of curtains laundry wash can also work, but you need to ensure that manufacturer instructions are carefully followed. Additionally, this last process takes longer so you should not mind waiting 1 or 2 days as for your curtains to be ready. With these being said, dry cleaning is generally more recommended when it comes to Singaporean curtains, especially since most of them are made out of delicate materials. Always make sure to follow manufacturer instructions and resort to the services of a company which has experience in this niche, should you choose dry cleaning. This way you will ensure that your curtains will look as good as new for a longer time. Also make sure to inquire on the price requested.