Monday, 5 December 2016

Laundry Cleaning Services In Singapore

Gone are those days where washing and drying clothes are considered to be a hindrance task. Well, earlier days, washing after collection of clothes, sorting, washed and scrubbed near the lakes, rivers and then dried them in the sun or landscape area, where it takes long hours and even after the use of excess water, soap and washboard. Moreover, at home where women use mechanized cleaning device or washing machines and an ample area to wash clothes that take a long time or long hours to wash or dry the clothes.

Laundry services Singapore are one of the most important and widely found services which are used by maximum people. The fame of a Laundromat is highly dependent on the services provided by them which are totally dependent on the laundry equipment used by them.

Now, with the upcoming of laundry and dry-cleaning facility in the market, it becomes a simple and cost-effective way. They usually take clothes from your place and wash or clean the clothes at their service center and get back to you in an attractive way that looks fresh and hygiene. However, the entire process hardly takes four to five hours each day and you will get fresh washed and clean clothes at your doorstep. For this, you are required to have trustworthy and reliable dry cleaners in and around your area. It makes the life simple and easier.

There are several Laundries or dry cleaners available in the market. All of them offer their best services. You can easily opt any of them as per your comfort and the budget. Though you can also opt them from the online market, after going through with their online portals. Usually, all the laundry service providers have their web portals or other pan-India search service companies that have tie-ups with them to tell you about them.

Hence it's advice to you to choice and opts one of the best that caters all your needs and expectations. In other words, that assures and satisfies from all monetary and physical aspects. And please, beware from those, who promise you at first and will not fulfill you as per your word with them. You can also go with their services, after having a strict written deed which includes all the norms and detail of services that you want from them. This will help you to keep up a wise and long-term deal with them and of course keep you safe from the future mishappenings etc.

Apart from, with the rise in competition in the market, these laundries and dry cleaning service providers also started offering several loyalty or membership card benefits to their customers. This will help the customers to get the desired laundry facility at discounted or deals prices. This Laundry Loyalty Cards facility from the laundry service provider also assists you to save your hard-earned money. Although, some of the membership card services from the dry cleaner also ensures you to earn reward points which can be redeemed in against of their special festive offers and discounts. So, hurry up go and catch your desired laundry or dry cleaning service and get the ease of fresh and cleaned clothes facility directly at your door steps.

The laundry service in Singapore is an exclusive way to outsource your laundry at a reasonable price. It saves your time that you would have spent in visiting the local dhobi in your area. Aimed to fulfill the prerequisites of the customers, the laundry firms hire experienced staff that first inspect the garment for loose buttons, stains, and open threads, repair the defects and then start the cleaning process after which the garment is pre-treated for stain removal and is skillfully dry cleaned by the proficient staff.

To know the new facility in a better way, here are some of the benefits of laundry services you must know before selecting it for your requirements.

Laundry services are cost-effective and affordable to all. Taking into the cost of purchasing a high-quality washing machine, the detergent you used to wash clothes with on your own and the time consumed in the process, laundry services are said to be a more convenient option at budget-friendly prices.

Prompt service
Most laundry services provide pick and drop services by 2 days; this means their staff will collect clothes and be sent back to you within 48 hours for free. The process is faster than most companies.

If you have a pile of dirty clothing you have meant to tackle, call a laundry service. You will be happy with the cleanliness of your clothes, you will save time, and you will look your best for the holidays. Do not waste time tediously using a laundromat; there is a better way.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Dry Cleaning VS Laundry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is, in one sense, a great irony of the term. It is named as dry cleaning; however, it is not at all dry in its process. However the great difference remains in the use of the solvent; in conventional washing process while we use water based solvents, in case dry cleaning the solvent is not water based. Perhaps due to this basic difference the later has been known as dry cleaning.

The purpose of using a solvent is to extract dust and stain from fabric, the concept is same in dry cleaning process; in dry cleaning process perchlorethylene based solvents are used which are not as harsh as other water based solvents and treats fabric in delicate manner and retains the youthful lush of fabric tone for longer.

Although dry cleaning process is to be best done in professional dry cleaners, it can be managed at home also. What needs for home dry cleaning are proper dry cleaning products and the knowledge to use these dry cleaning products for getting optimum result out of their application.

Dry cleaning is necessary for delicate fabrics which cannot be maintained by regular washing method. One of the reasons for application of dry cleaning process on certain fabrics is their different textures and incompatibility with conventional water-based solvents. Most often the washing instructions are provided by the manufacturer and accordingly the fabrics are sent to dry cleaners place for cleaning and after wash treatment.

Initially, petroleum based solvents were used in dry cleaning process. Using these products was quite risky because petro-based solvents were highly combustible. Another disadvantage of using petro-based solvent was the typical aroma of the solvent left on the washed clothes. The problem of odor is now somehow managed with new-age dry cleaning solvents.

The concept of dry cleaning method will never be clear unless we get to know about the operation of dry cleaning machine. In this machine, the solvent is taken out from the tank by a pump and the pump sends the said solvent through the filters to catch any kind of impurities on the items to be cleaned. The filtered solvent enters the cylinder for flushing the soil from the stained clothes. The process of cleaning can be repeated on and on to run a cleaning cycle till the solvent remains effective for cleaning stains and dust.

Dry cleaning machines are rated in proportion of fabric, in its dry weight, which the machine can hold by its optimum capacity. The size of the dry cleaning machine may vary; starting from 20pound size to large 100 pounds capacity of dry cleaning machines are available in market. Dry cleaning machines are used as per the requirement of clothes to be cleaned per cycle. In Other way Dry cleaning supplies should be proportionate to the size and load capacity of dry cleaning machines. In professional dry cleaning centers laundry scale is used for loading washables into machine as per the load capacity of the said machine.

The span of each cleaning cycle depends on the dirt and soils accumulated on the to-be-washed items, and on the quality of the dry cleaning products used in cleaning process.

There are different types of dry cleaning products available in market; online stores are best resources to gather idea about different products and their intricacies of use.

Recently many individuals have become too busy to perform various home chores. The tough economy requires you to spend a lot of time at work. Many people do not have ample time to perform duties like washing textiles. Professional dry cleaning services come in to alleviate this problem. They clean your clothes and deliver them to your doorstep. The services are prompt and convenient. The professional services also offer affordable dry cleaning prices. The professional cleaners also provide a host of another service as requested by you.

The following are the benefits of laundry service:

Time Saver
Many people are caught up in work and do not have sufficient time to do their laundry. The numerous hours spent in work do not allow you to perform home chores and thus professional help should be sought.

Dry cleaning services ensure that the work is completed in time. Therefore, you will never have to miss a major event due to unwashed textiles. The companies also pick up and return the clothes to your doorstep. This means that you do not have to spend a lot of time thinking about long travels to get laundry service. This will ensure that you concentrate on other pressing issues at home and work.

Tough Stain Removal
Families with kids are always prone to a lot of dirt as children play with different items. The clothes are usually full of food and all assortments of chemicals. This dirt is hard to come off and requires professional help. The dry cleaning services use a large range of chemicals to remove the dirt. They have experience in removing difficult stains from clothes, curtains, and carpets. Therefore, the dry cleaners are aware of the different ways for ensuring that the stains come off. The laundry services also ensure that the entire process does not destroy the colors on your clothes.

Laundry service offers a lot of conveniences, especially for people who are overwhelmed with work. This is especially good for large homes with many kids. The professional services are always available when asked to assist in laundry cleaning. The customer care representatives are available on a regular basis just in case you need them. The services are also available in different parts of the country. This makes it possible for everyone who is in need for dry cleaning services, to get them. The laundry prices are also affordable and able to fit into your budget.

Take a washing machine with bigger laundry capacity. You can purchase a domestic laundry scale also. Prefer to laundry your clothes at home and sent them occasionally for dry clean parlor. You will able to save a lot.As quality dry cleaning products are available for home use, good quality laundry products are also available at market. You should purchase good quality laundry products for use at home. It will take care of your clothes as well as your wallet.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

How to Preserve your Wedding Dress

Your wedding is over. Well, it was the dream come true and you had your dream wedding. Something that is quite special about every wedding is nothing but the wedding dress. Of course, you looked like an angel from the heaven on your D-day, and spent something hefty on your wedding gown. Probably, for many girls, wedding dress would be their most expensive outfit they have purchase for one special day. Mostly, the expensive wedding dress sleeps in your closet.

After spending countless hours on hunting and designing for your dream wedding dress, it’s not fair to leave it aside, unattended! Of course, you don’t have heart o give away your dream gown. Preserving the wedding dress is the best way to feel special. Although there are a few who would love to put on a Sale, many would like to preserve the wedding dress, to cherish the pleasant memories. Besides, a few women would love to pass the wedding dress to next generation or use it for some special occasions after doing some alterations. The big thing is, how to preserve wedding dress? The wedding dress should retain the quality, color, fabric, and shape.
You can either hire a wedding dress preservationist (yeah, it is available just like dry cleaning the clothes) to preserve your wedding dress for years or do it on your own.

DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

Preserve the Wedding Dress on Your Own
If you cannot afford for a preservationist, you can do it on your own. You may have to safeguard the package or the box in which your wedding dress was wrapped. If not, you can buy the similar one to store and preserve your dress.

Check for stains
Make sure you check for any stains in the wedding dress. There are many chances that you could have stained your dream gown on your D-day, owing to the excitement and happiness. For instance, chances are there the gown stained from makeup, oils, wedding cakes, champagnes, etc. so, pay attention to detail in every part of your wedding gown to notice any stains.

Use mild solvent to remove the mild stains. If the stains are intense or widespread, you may damage the dress. If you are unsure, use dry cleaning services.

Use tissue papers
You need acidic free tissue papers to place in between every fold. It prevents the dress from getting damaged by its own fabric. Besides, many wedding gowns are decorated with beads, sequins and other decorative works, which may damage the fabric when it is not covered. Just make sure every layer and fold of the dress is safeguarded by breathable tissues. Wrap the full dress in muslin cloth before it is placed in the box.

Folding the Dress
Carefully fold the wedding dress without creases. This is the key to perfect preservation of wedding gown.

· Wrap the sleeves of the gown under the body.
· Fold the bodice over the skirt of the gown
· Fold the skirt up on top of the body.
· You can further gently fold it as long as it fits the packing box comfortably.

Just make sure that that you fold the dress loosely.

Say no to plastic bag storage
The first thing you should be aware that avoid plastic bags. Plastics are unhealthy for the environment. It is even more unhealthy for storing any garments. So, never ever consider storing the wedding dress in any plastic bags. Storing in plastic bag overtime may break down the chemicals and mix with the dress. It may either stain your dress or leave unpleasant odor on the fabric. It is not possible to clear off the stains as well as the chemical odor from the dress with ease.

Dry Clean the Wedding Dress and Preserve it
It is recommended to clean the wedding dress in less than a month after the wedding gala is over to ensure that the stains are removed perfectly.

It is better to dry clean the gown before you preserve it. Dry cleaners can spot the stains that you missed. Depends upon on the type of fabric, type of stain and intensity of the stain, appropriate solutions are used for stain removal. Generally, stains are removed by gentle hand wash. After cleaning the dress, steam it, press it and pack it.

You can either take the wedding dress to dry cleaners or courier the package. It costs about $150 to $500 to dry clean and store the wedding gown. However, the price may vary depends upon the fabric, accessories and add-ons to the dress, etc.

Personally Inquire the Dry Cleaner 
Don’t blindly follow anyone who recommends any dry cleaner. Many brides fall for the options suggested by the bridal shop owners or designers when they purchase the bridal dress. You should always choose someone who is experienced in handling bridal gowns. There are many who visit your home and provide the door step services, which will be a better bet. Ask the dry cleaners about the cleaning and preserving process and clear all your queries.

Sometimes, it is hard to remove a particular stain, even by experts in the field. So, just let it go and accept the fact. You can even cherish it as a part of your happy wedding moments to cherish forever.

Whether you used the services of dry cleaners and preservationist, you should store the wedding dress at your home. Here are few tips to consider. 

· Storing in plastic bags also stains the dress and changes the white into a yellowish tone.
· Don’t hang the wedding dress. Generally wedding dresses are a bit heavier. So, the weight of the dress may stretch it over time, which loses the natural shape.
· Don’t store the wedding dress in any place that can retain moisture or have direct sun exposure.
· Even if you preserved the gown, just don’t let it sleep on the pack for years. Once in a while (it will be recommended by the dry cleaner or preservationist) remove it from package, let it breathe, look for any abnormalities and store it.

Many times it would be fun to remove the wedding dress from the package and try it on you. You can even wear it for you baby’s christening ceremony after altering a few things. If you spent a fortune on the wedding dress and it really looks breathtaking, just pass it on to the generations.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Is Dry Cleaning Good For Leather Jacket?

As versatile as a leather jacket may be, like every other garment, it is prone to attracting dirt and getting worn out. Leather looks ravishing on both men and women and can help express various moods and styles depending on how they choose to wear it. If you own or have owned a genuine leather jacket, then you probably know that it is one of the most expensive pieces of clothing anyone can buy. Luckily, the good thing is that leather jackets also tend to last a long time if proper care is taken.

But cleaning jackets made of leather comes with its own sort of complications because leather cannot be put in a washer and cleaned by normal methods or the material will get damaged, shrink, or deform. Fortunately, dry cleaning works well for cleaning leather because of which it is considered the most preferred method by professional cleaners and leather jacket owners worldwide.

Dry cleaning leather jackets – myths busted!

Dry cleaning is harmful to leather: Many people have the misconception that leather jackets should not be dry cleaned because the chemical used in the process may harm the material. However, this is not the truth because dry cleaning is one of the safest and easiest ways to get that out of a leather jacket when done correctly.

Only go for expensive dry cleaning methods: There are also people who are of the opinion that only an expensive dry cleaning service can clean the jackets. This isn't true as well because the leather material can be cleaned even at home by using proper methods. You need to pay out a chunk of your month savings; all you need is an effective cleaner that does its job well.

Cleaning leather jackets too often may cause damage: This is another myth that people often propagate as the fear that their leather might split. While no hard and fast rule dictate the number of times you should clean leather, it's a good practice to perform cleaning and maintenance depending on the number of times you've worn it. In reality, you don't need to dry regularly cleaning your jacket as giving it a complete wipe over with a cloth does its job just fine. Don't let water or other dirt sit on leather or else it may get soiled.

Dry cleaning reduces leather durability: Not just dry cleaning, too much washing and cleaning of any piece of cloth can alter its state and make it fragile. Dry cleaning is not to be blamed here because fabric can lose its strength when washed too frequently. Be sure to check your jacket's label carefully for washing instructions and use appropriate cleaning material for the job.

Dry cleaners may damage the leather: This is another myth that people spread only out of fear of losing their favorite leather jacket. Most professional dry cleaners have built up a reputation based on years of excellent service and have completely trustworthy with your clothes. Most cleaners do not prefer using harsh chemicals if there is a way to remove dirt and build up with the use of mild substances. So, do not fear about giving your clothing to a professional dry cleaner.

Tips for caring leather jackets at home

1. If your leather jacket has got wet for any reason, then make sure you let it dry thoroughly before putting it back in your closet. As you may already know, leather and water don't get along well so drying the material of all water absorption is a must.

2. If the leather material gets dirty from mud, dust, or food spill, wipe it off using a damp cloth immediately before letting it out to dry. Never let loose dirt accumulate in leather material as they can prove to be damaging in the long run.

3. Never put on leather clothes in front of anything that acts as a source of heat, especially an area that has a fireplace. If your job involves working in the areas where there is a high temperature, then avoid wearing your leather jacket to work.

4. Harsher substances like gasoline, oil, or other chemicals are difficult to remove and is best left to be dealt by professional leather cleaners. Remember to tell them exactly what happened or else they might miss out on any detail crucial for proper treatment.

5. Be sure to condition and clean your leather jacket every year, and even more so if you wear it frequently and expose it to harsh conditions. It's better to condition the material at the end of a season and just before you put it away in the closet.

Side effects of dry cleaning

Like every other cloth, your leather jacket is susceptible to side effects caused by cleaning methods. Even though the extent of these effects may be very dependent on various factors like quality of leather and method used for cleaning, there are signs that you can expect to see once you dry clean your item. These side effects are loss of color, loss of oils, change of texture and shading, wrinkles, and even minor shrinkage.

If you do not adopt the appropriate cleaning measures, then there is a high chance that the side effects mentioned above will be to a great extent. So, utilizing caution during the cleaning process is as important as choosing the right material and method of cleaning.


As it should be obvious by now that dry cleaning is the safest way to clean a leather jacket, be careful with your method because this material is delicate and requires some degree of dedication to maintain. If you are unsure about your skills in dry cleaning, there is always the option to go for a dry cleaning agency that will take professional care of your item.

You'd be amazed to learn how many years a leather jacket can last in pristine condition if maintained properly. Your favorite jacket will forever be yours, and you'll be able to meet situation with utmost confidence when you have it on.

Monday, 29 February 2016

How To Remove Moldy Stains on Curtain?

Curtains are a great aesthetic addition to homes, offices and other commercial premises. However, for some reason, the curtains are always neglected until their condition becomes too obvious, is when people think of cleaning them. Curtains often look lovely at first when you set them up, but you don’t notice how much mold and dust has accumulated until they start to discolor. It is at this point that most homeowners are faced with a choice of either cleaning or replacing their curtains.

Why do the curtains get moldy?

Usually, the curtains get dirty, moldy and dusty for a good reason. They act as a barrier between the external environment and the interior of our buildings. It is common practice to open the windows during the day. The curtains absorb dirt and dust from the air flowing into the interior. The curtains also get dirty when other openings such as vents allow dust to flow into the house. If you have ceiling fans, then your curtains will obviously get dusty and dirty from their daily cooling operations. Similarly, the activity of vacuuming triggers the dust to float in the air and in the process, some will settle on your curtains.

Mold grows as a result of the accumulation of moisture. Moisture can get into your home through various avenues such as broken pipes, flood water or a leaky roof. What you need to know is that once moisture is present in your home, mold grows quickly. Further, it grows on any surface that is damp including the floor, walls, and the curtains. The floor and the walls can be cleaned relatively easily. However, you will need to put in more effort and resources for the curtain.

Singapore’s climate is relatively warm and humid. So, if your interior is closed and cool, then, chances are that moist air will get in and condense creating a pool of moisture in your house. You also need to be aware that moisture builds up as a result of people overcrowding in rooms and drying clothes indoors. The presence of appliances such as washing machines, stoves, and dishwashers require proper exhaust systems that eliminate moisture.

Mold needs some organic matter to thrive. The curtains’ surface and a moist environment provide just that. If you live under these conditions, you might want to take a second look at your curtain.

Take a look at some ways to deal with mold stains on your curtain:

Using the washing machine
The use of the washing machine as a tool for stain removal totally depends on the material of your curtains. Once the mold has grown on the curtains, it will affect the fabric and perhaps, loosens it a bit. If this is the case, you are advised to use the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Alternatively, you could use a cold wash but with a slower spin. Whereas your standard detergent is fine to use, you can look for detergents that are mold stain removers. They are available at your local store and are much more efficient.

Some curtains may shrink due to the material that they are made of. If this is the case, do not use the washing machine. Instead, just hand-wash them. Curtains made of heavy materials retain water and you are advised against using the machine to clean them. Additionally, curtains that are made of cotton need particular attention during cleaning. Cotton shrinks when washed with hot water. So, be sure to read the label on the curtains before opting to launder them.

Hands wash the curtains
Hand washing the curtains is a safer option for the curtains but not for you. Cleaning them by hand means that there are high chances of the mold getting into contact with sensitive body parts such as your eyes, nose and into the respiratory system. Mold causes irritation, asthma among many other breathing problems. Get gloves and the right detergent to use for mold removal. You can soak the curtains for 20 minutes with the mold removal detergent and proceed to wash them as you normally would.

Be sure to follow the instructions shown on these detergents so that you get the most out of the cleaning exercise. Hand washing curtains is a recommended option if your curtains are made of delicate fabric. The disadvantage is that curtains are heavy, and you may need more labor to clean and dry them properly.

Steam cleaning curtains
Steam cleaning is an excellent way to clean dust, mold, and other dirt. In the case of mold, steam cleaning is only applicable to the very mild mold growth at its early stages. It is convenient, but only if you suspect that your curtains may be under a mold infestation. Steam cleaning is not an applicable method for dealing with a severe mold growth. While steam cleaning your curtains, work your way from the top going downwards. If you discover that the material is getting wet, increase the distance between the curtain and the cleaning equipment by holding it a distance farther away.

Heavy curtains that are particularly difficult to take down are the ones suitable for steam cleaning. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your curtains with the machine. Steam is hotter than boiled water. So, you need to take extra caution while using the machine to avoid burns.

Seek professional help
There are some curtain cleaning services out there that can get the job done for you. These are professionals who are knowledgeable in ways and means of dealing with the mold stains. They are a preferred option mainly because they have the equipment and manpower to deal with heavy materials such as curtains. Most of them charge a small fee but the service is often worth every penny as they leave your curtain clean and sparkling. If you are a busy person with a tight work schedule, then you can call them so that they pick and drop the curtains at a time of your convenience.

As a precaution, if you are asthmatic, you are advised against getting close to the molds as they will worsen your condition. Extensive growth of molds beyond a meter square is a health hazard, and you should call in the experts. Finally, ventilate your house and keep it dry so that mold does not grow. Prevention is key when it comes to mold control. Get an exhaust fan for rooms that have moisture buildups such as the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Monday, 15 February 2016

How To Get Rid of Musty Smell in Wardrobe

Wardrobes are very important part of people’s lives. They help in keeping one’s clothes in order. A wardrobe helps one organize their clothes well which helps in extending their life. From time to time, the wardrobe might develop a musty smell which makes the clothes have a bad odor. Sadly, at times, it becomes quite hard to get rid of the odor from one’s clothes even with all the steps that one may take to get rid of it. The most important thing in getting rid of it is by understanding what causes it and therefore learn of ways to prevent it.

There are different reasons that may lead to your wardrobe having the musty smell. Some of the most commonly known reasons include:

· Dampness: There are times when the wardrobe may have some moisture in it. When this happens, the moisture might cause the wood from which the wardrobe is made to start rooting. This may lead to the musty smell. Again, there are those people that make the wardrobes with timber that is not well dried; this may also lead to the musty smell.

· Stuffiness: There are people who are not very keen on the way they arrange their clothes in the wardrobe. Failure to do so may cause the wardrobe to become musty. There are those who even end up mixing clean and dirty clothes; this could be a major cause of the musty smell.

· Lack of ventilation: Some of the wardrobes are built in a way that there is no air that can get in or out. When this happens, this means that there won’t be proper ventilation in the wardrobe. If air is retained in the wardrobe for a long time, it may end up becoming musty hence the smell. Even good fabric smell may end up becoming musty.

· Moisture: There are people that never allow their clothes too stay long enough, outside in the sun so that they are completely dry. Storing fabrics with moisture in the wardrobe cause mildew which may lead to the musty smell.

The above are some of the major causes of the mustiness in the wardrobe. Ensuring that one prevents the above causes is a sure way of removing the musty smell in the wardrobe. When the weather is cold, there is a higher chance of having the musty smell. It is therefore important to ensure that the conditions in the wardrobe remain dry during such time. When faced with the issue of a musty smell in the wardrobe, the following steps might come in handy in getting rid of the smell:

· Avoid using too much detergent or fabric softener:
When washing, people like using perfumed detergents and fabric softeners. This will actually leave your clothes smelling nice and fresh which is a good thing. However if the smell is too strong and you are putting the clothes away in a wardrobe for a long time, it may end up turning musty. It is therefore wise to ensure that the detergents and the fabric softeners that are used are not very strong in terms of smell.

· Rinse the clothes with adequate water:
Before hanging the clothes to dry, it is always advised that they are rinsed with enough water so as to get rid of all the smell and dirt that may have remained after washing. This helps get rid of any smell or any other thing that might cause the musty smell which may have remained after rinsing your clothes.

· Ensure that clothes are dry
After you have washed and placed the clothes in the sun to dry, it is always advised that you ensure that they are completely dry before placing them in the wardrobe. If this does not happen, the retained moisture will lead to the clothes having the musty smell. Any moisture that remains is an ingredient for mustiness, especially when the clothes are being put away for a long time.

· Allow air circulation in the wardrobe
In the case that the wardrobe is not well ventilated to allow for air circulation, it is important that from time to time, you open the door and let some air get in. This makes it ventilated and helps get rid of any musty air that was forming. It is also necessary to take out clothes and leave it empty for some time. Doing so might also expose some even the pests that might have made a home there.

· Avoid all instances of moisture
A wardrobe should be maintained moisture-free at all times. By so doing, you are able to avoid the musty smell. Avoid constructing your wardrobe with wet timber; wet timber smells which will turn musty after some time. When washing the room, some moisture may get on the shelves of the wardrobe. Ensure that such moisture is gotten rid off. The conditions in the wardrobe should be kept dry at all times.

· Hang a bag of volcanic rocks in damp areas
Mold and mildew, the main causes of musty smell prefer damp areas. Removing the dampness will go a long way in removing the musty air. For those places near the wardrobe that are usually damp, you may consider hanging volcanic rocks. The importance of volcanic rocks is that they are able to absorb moisture and deodorize the surrounding area. These rocks are readily available in hardware shops. When using them, it is important to read the directions on the paper to know how many rocks that you need to pace in the bag. By absorbing the moisture, the area will remain dry.

The above are some of the best free and effective exercises that one may use to ensure that their wardrobe remains musty-free and their clothes are always in the best condition. Applying them will give your wardrobe a new lease of life which will ensure that your clothes remain dry and musty-free and dry for longer. There are more tips that one may get online. One may also combine several of the above tips, provided that they will keep the wardrobe dry.