Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Curtain Cleaning Benefits

Have you moved into your new house? Do you have new furniture and upholstery? How about the curtains? We all know that curtains are very crucial in our house, but do we know why we should clean them too? Now, before wondering why you should clean your carpet, it's important to know the reasons why curtains look old. The reason is very simple and straightforward. When you constantly exposed them to dirt and dust from outside the room, what do you expect? That is the reason you require to make many curtains cleaning a must.

Many people in the world never give their curtains much thought. They open and close them perhaps every day. The sun beats in on the backs of the curtains and drapes daily. Dust particles, insects, and animal hair accumulate around and within the folds of the drapery. The same dust and dirt accumulate at the top of the drapery and curtains among the curtain hooks or folds. It gathers up and deposits itself at the bottoms of the curtains and drapes. So why should anyone give this any thought? It is imperative to engage in curtain cleaning if you value a clean home or an apartment.

It's simple
It doesn't mean that you need to put all those heavy curtains in the washing machine every week. That would not only be tiring but would also shorten the lifespan of the curtains. Instead, you could take them out from the window and clean them using a vacuum cleaner and remove all those dust as a first step. As curtains are meant to cover the windows, they would have absorbed all the dust from outside. Also, their colors would fade fast by being exposed to sunlight.

Curtains maintenance
That is not all. Even inside the rooms while you are cleaning the floor, furniture, fan, and lights a share of the dust from all these would undoubtedly settle on to the curtains. Thus, without your noticing, your bright and colorful curtains would soon start deteriorating. Very soon, they become too dirty that either you have to purchase new curtains or call a professional curtain cleaning company.
However, by applying a little care and forethought, you can avoid this situation.

For this, first of all, include curtains in your list of items to be vacuumed every week. This way there is lesser dust to clean, and curtains remain safe and intact. One way to check whether the curtains need cleaning is to shake them and see whether dust is coming off them. You could also sniff them and see whether they are dusty.

If you are doing this once in a week, you could run a lint brush through them from top to bottom. It would avoid the dust from falling over the cleaned part. Once a few months you could use water and clean them. However, before cleaning make sure you read all the washing instructions for the curtains. If the instructions are to apply dry cleaning, better go for that. If not, check whether the instructions are there to use any specific detergent to be used in a specific amount.
Retains the color

Once you wash them following the manual, put them in place to dry which is half sunny and half shady. It is to retain the colors on the curtains. You could also put them in the dryer depending on the capacity of your dryer. After drying you could put them back again and spray a freshener to bring the new look to them. Don't forget to check whether the freshener contains any toxic that will harm the curtains or discolor them.

Cleaning your curtain will definitely let you avoid purchasing new curtains every once in a while. Good and frequent cleaning can help you keep freshness in the curtains for a long time and thus extend their life and keep them as new.

You can clean your curtains or choose to hire a professional curtain cleaning companies that will perform that service. Often a carpet cleaning company will also clean curtains and drapes when they come in to clean the carpet. It is actually a good idea to have the curtains or drapes cleaned when you have the carpet cleaned as they will get all of the dirt out of the drapery, some of which will fall on the carpet.

If you have curtains, you will have to decide if they are cheap curtains or are they worthwhile having cleaned. If they are cheap curtains, then, by all means, go out and buy another set of them for all of the windows.

What you should consider

If the curtains have been in the windows for a very long time with the sun beating in on them, you will need to consider if they will hold up to cleaning. You can examine the backs of the curtains and check for places where the backing if it has that, is beginning to split. Or if it has no backing, you can check to make sure the fabric isn't splitting or crumbling when rubbed between your fingers. If that's the case, then you won't benefit from cleaning your curtains.

You also need to consider if the curtains are washable. Lightweight synthetic material curtains usually can be washed in a washing machine. You will have to read the instruction tag attached to the curtains to determine if you can do this. Some curtains are made of fiberglass. If the curtains are made of fiberglass, you might want to take them to your dry cleaners to have them cleaned there. Fiberglass can cause damage to soft hands.

Larger, heavier curtains may be washed in a bathtub if they are too heavy for your washing machine. Otherwise, you may have a commercial laundry with heavy duty machines where you could wash them.

After they are washed, you will have to dry them. They can dry in the dryer or on a line. Either way, they will be cleaner.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Getting The Best Laundry Service

One of the most difficult tasks of the household is washing laundry. Even if you have a washing machine, this job will still require you to put in a lot of effort, a good detergent, which items are to be separated according to color and type, and there comes a very long drying process. Well, the difficulty of washing even increases where there is silk garment to be washed and some hard towels. And, if you live, your task becomes double as this city needs you to focus much on other jobs other than washing laundry. If you feel stressed with laundry, then the best thing you can do is hire laundry services.

There are many good dry cleaning services which are capable; however, you will have to shed out good money too to get the best laundry services. A good aspect of good laundry store is they will properly sort out your clothes depending on the fabric, and then give an according to service. This is because some delicate materials require soft management, for instance, lace garment will need the light wash, and a denim jacket will need a hard wash. The service men will sort your clothes properly and will keep them away from damage; lastly, they will return you in best condition too. Another good thing about such service is the repair. Before washing, they will see whether the garment needs any tear repair or not. Though you will have to pay some extra amount for it, you will get your garment in a brand new state. Some cleaners even give services for rugs; however, the rug cleaner prices are different.

Most people do not have time to do their laundry. Also, it is a hectic chore taking the best part of your time. If you are one of them and do like to get your hands in such kind of job, though inevitable, there is the best to get it done by laundry professionals who have been helping people for a long time by delivering best in the class services. There are several quality providers who you can contact to get the right service package for your needs. Getting the right package is the least of your problem indeed because different kinds of clothing require specific handlings. It, therefore, is crucial for you to ensure that your service provider is capable of understanding various aspects of the cleaning process.

While looking for Laundry pickup and delivery, you should keep your needs in mind. Stains are among the things that need to be considered when searching a laundry service provider in your area. Also, what you must about are blood or wine stains which are the worst kinds, but a reliable laundry service provider knows exactly what to do and can solve your problem instantly. The best way to insure the best result, you should contact your launderer as soon as possible and let them deal with the issue.

The way cleaning is provided on the types of fabrics. This means that different types of fabric need to be handled differently. Your clothes usually come with a tag that describes how the laundering procedure must be done, so recheck with your specialist to make sure they understand these cautions properly. So it is not so difficult to find out the type of clothes and the way that is most suitable for the washing. It is good to provide a brief detail about this and give a verbal instruction to be sure your best clothes are very safe during the washing process.

Though there are several things that you should keep in mind when hiring a laundry service provider, the most vital one is to ensure that the launderer you are getting service packages from has their business in the nearby location of your residence or that if they offer pick-up and delivery services as part of the package. If you do not have time to deliver dirty clothes yourself, you should find laundry pickup and delivery services Brooklyn to make sure that your clothes are delivered on right time.

Hire Laundry Service Provider to Meet Your Laundry Requirements

If you are running a hotel, care home or hospital, then there is a lot of laundry work that you have to do on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis. At the same time, it is very important to you to save time, energy, and money to run your business efficiently. A professional laundry services provider can be very helpful in keeping your day-to-day operations running smoothly. Before hiring services of laundry, always make sure that they can meet your requirements and always offer best services.

Never forget to discuss, about their services, charges and the features that make them different from other companies. Here are a few tools that you can check before making your decision.

Pick up and drop off service -
Pick up and drop off service is one of those most important things that a professional laundry services provider can offer directly to your location. So, before hiring any laundry service, you should make sure they are offering this service as well.

Different and proper handling for different fabrics - Always asks them how they handle the different kinds of fabrics and items that are more delicate. The better laundry companies will make a point of screening you their services and pointing out what equipment and machines are for what types of fabrics.

Competitive charges - Always compare the charges of a few similar companies before hiring their services and always select that one that is charging reasonably and offering best services. If, you have a big business then you can also negotiate a little bit. However, for better services you have to pay more than regular prices.

Special services -
There are many laundries that offer some special packages of their services. These kinds of packages include services like starching, stain removal, and ironing. These kinds of services make it sure that you will get your clothes in ready to use condition.

With a great laundry services provider, you can save a lot of time, money, as well as energy. This will help you to pay attention to other important aspects your business requires. Hence, instead of hiring your staff and building your laundry let it to the professionals.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

9 Things Which Will Help You Choose The Best Dry Cleaner.

Clothing is such an important aspect of our lives these days that the condition of our clothes is more important than ever and it plays an important part in the context of how you present yourself to the world. That said, it’s highly unlikely that most of us have the time to look after them in terms of having them cleaned and then ironed at home given the incredibly busy lives we lead on a daily basis.

The option that remains is to have your clothes to be dry cleaned so that they look the way we want them to so as long as possible. But there are a few things you must keep in mind to make sure that your choice of dry cleaner is in the best interest of your beloved garments and it allows you to wear them with confidence anywhere you want to.

· The quality of treatment: Having your clothes to be dry cleaned is a trust-influenced decision depending upon how much you value your clothes and assuming that you value them pretty highly, there should be a great emphasis on how well your dry cleaner takes care of your clothes. The last thing you want is having them back in a condition worse than what you handed them over in. So, it’s important that your clothes get the care they deserve before, during and after the process of cleaning from your service provider.

· Track Record: The company which you choose should have a proven track record and that you can know simply by asking other people who have used it. There’s nothing that you can rely on more when making these decisions than word-of-mouth. Ask people about their experiences with the cleaner to make an informed decision.

· Attention to detail:
Now this is a very underrated aspect of the cleaning process. It’s normal for a cleaner to be asked to clean more than one kind of clothing and from more than one kind of customer. That makes it imperative for them to separate these clothes as some of might have a tendency to lose color while others might require a certain water temperature, for example sake. Both these kinds of clothes can harm the others in their company which would not be pleasant if you own them. Thus, you must make sure that your cleaner actually makes the effort of separating the clothes on the basis of their texture and the kind of cleaning process they need to go through so that everyone is happy when they receive them back.

· Punctuality in delivery: The one thing you would want just as much as getting back clean clothes is getting them back on time. Nothing frustrates people more than having to wait longer than they were supposed to and wear something other than your favorite shirt in the interview the next day only because your cleaner could deliver on time. That’s also something you can get to know from past customers and you have to rely on that information.

· Recognition for quality: Since the trust factor involved is very high in these decisions, nothing aids you in making it faster than knowing that the cleaner you’re choosing is recognized by an authority for its quality of operation and that they live up to the standards prescribed by these authorized which are usually very high. And companies that have actually gone ahead and made that effort of getting that recognition would make you even more certain that they are sincere and have a good work ethic.

· Valuing the customer: As a customer, you should be on the top of your cleaner’s priority list and if you have any requests for you clothing that differ from the usual in terms of any specific treatment you desire for your clothing, they should cater to those requests and cater well, just not for the sake of retaining you as customers. Additionally, some cleaners also have the facility of getting clothes picked up from your doorstep and for people who don’t have much time on their hands, this can be a significant value add.

· Pricing: In a tough economy such as ours, few things matter more than affordability and that’s something at the back of most people’s mind while making choices like these. But if you are paying too much attention to that aspect, more often than not, you’ll end up having to buy new clothes which will cost you more eventually as your cost-effectiveness got in the way of quality and your clothes were no longer in a wearable condition. So, consider options that benefit you in the long term on both counts and make a balanced choice.

· Diversity in service:
Laundry companies that offers services to a wide array of customers are not that common. Offering quality services to more than one type of customer also goes to show that the company you’re choosing is a reliable choice as they have considerable experience in handling different kinds of customers.

· Other factors: It’s important that you should be conscious of other aspects of the cleaning process apart from cleaning. The dry cleaner should be conscious of the environmental aspects related to this process and make sure that they conserve water where they can and the hygiene of the people working there is held in high regard. That is what truly separates the good companies from the great ones. It’s easy to forget about all this and just focus on what concerns your clothing but these are the things which will impact each one of us at some point knowing about them is only going to be of help.

We have made all these points for you to help you with your choice. However, this not the be all and end all of the laundry cleaner requirements. You can have your own preferences while choosing your cleaner but through this list we are trying to make that choice easy for you so that you don’t end up missing anything while making that choice. So, the next time you collect your clothes, make sure you are satisfied with what you have received.