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Understanding the Dry Cleaning Process

From time in memorial, people have been washing their clothes. Whether it is by the riverside, or in a basin there has always been a method of washing and drying the laundry. Nowadays or in the recent past, there has been technological advancement as machines are used to wash the clothes. Washing machines use water and a solvent to clean laundry.

However, there is a process called dry-cleaning whereby water is not used thus the name 'dry'. In the article, we shall highlight the process of dry-cleaning so that you gain a better understanding of what happens when you take your laundry to the dryer.

History of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning was invented in 1855 by Jean Baptiste Jolly who was a French dye worker.
His maid poured paraffin on a table cloth and he released that it got cleaner than when it was washed with soap and water.

Kerosene and gasoline were the solvents that were initially used to clean fabrics.
However, over time, many other solvents including trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride were used to dry clean laundry.

Nowadays though, the solvent that is overwhelmingly used to clean clothes in a dry cleaning machine is called perchlorethylene (perc).

Perc is not only safer, but it cleans better and it does not require very big machinery thus saving on space. This has made it possible to have dry cleaning services offered in a small rental spaces.
The solvent is also responsible for the evolution of the dry cleaning business because many people could afford to rent small building spaces and operate the business.

The Dry Cleaning Process

The process of dry cleaning is hugely similar no matter the cleaner you take your laundry to.
First, your laundry is marked to avoid any confusion and also for easier identification. Some dry cleaner operators will use paper clips or some other form of labeling which they stick on the collar of your garment.

They will also examine the state of the laundry and see if they have all the buttons and whether they are torn- they do this to avoid any complaints from the customer.

If the laundry has any stains- soup or ink stains- they will treat them first to make the cleaning easier.
Then, they put the clothes in a machine and the dry cleaning process begins where the laundry is cleaned using a solvent.

For thorough cleaning, if any stains are still visible, they are manually removed after the dry cleaning.
The last step involves pressing the laundry, folding them and packaging them in a presentable manner awaiting collection by the owner.

The Dry Cleaning Process in Detail

First your laundry is counted and the different types of laundry identified (blouses, trousers, shirts etc.). The date that you deliver the laundry is also noted in a ledger at the dry cleaner.

The laundry is then tagged and the tag will remain affixed to the cloth the entire process.
The customer is handed an invoice which identifies their laundry, the date delivered, the customer’s name, phone number and address. The same information is fed into the system to help in record keeping.

Laundries that require special attention are also tagged; the attention might be a stain on the pants. The tags are of a different color.

Once the batch of laundry has been watched, it is inspected to verify if the work has been properly done. If stains are spotted, then post– stain removal is done.

The tags are affixed to the same bundle of laundry in such a way that the person who will be packaging them will be able to identify laundry which belongs to the same customer.

Pre-Treating the Stains on the Laundry

The idea of stain pre-treatment is to make it easier to come out during the washing process. In fact, the stain might come out during this stage if it is not too stubborn.

You can pre-treat a stain yourself. If the stain is wet-that which contains water like wine for example- apply water on it. For dry stains-those that contain oils – apply a solvent.

Rub the stain with a dry cloth, as you do this, the stain will spreads into the rest of the cloth.
Rice your cloth and dry it, when you take it to the cleaner, it will be very easy to wash clean the stained garment.

Alternatively, take it to the cleaner as it is and they will deal with the stain.

The Dry Cleaning

There are many brands of dry cleaning machines in the market but their operating principle is similar.
The cleaning machine is made up of a dryer, a washer and extractor and it can fit from 9 to 45 kgs of laundry.

Inside the machine, there is a perforated basket that spins as the laundry is sprayed with the solvent through the holes in the basket.

During the spinning process, the laundry is also gently ponded against baffles which are inside the cylinder.

This ponding and constant spray of the solvent ensures that the laundry is well cleansed.
The machine has a mechanism of recovering the used perc, filters it and reuses it to clean the laundry more or clean a new set of laundry.

The filtration process is very important, since less perc is disposed to the environment and also saves the drycleaner operator money.
After the clothes have been thoroughly doused in the solvent and are clean, next comes the drying stage.

In order for the clothes to dry, they are rotated at a very high speed while at the same time warm air is let into the chamber. The warm air dispels any solvent off the laundry and any moisture that might be present.

Dry cleaning machines that use petroleum based solvent- though few- have very many fire guard systems in place since petroleum is highly flammable.

Post Cleaning Stain Removal

This process of stain removal uses vacuum, air, steam and water to remove a stain if it did not get cleaned during the dry cleaning process.

For water based stains, water is used to remove the stain, for dry stains, a solvent is used for the process.

The drycleaner will examine the stain to determine the best approach to use.


Once the laundry has been dry-cleaned, the last step is the finishing.

In this step, the clothes are steamed, pressed and ironed to make them presentable to the customer.
After this, they are packaged well awaiting collection by the customer.


Dry cleaning might be a mysterious process because all you see is a large machine and you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Well, with the tutorial, we hope you have gotten an idea of what goes on. You will also be on the knowhow on what is happening when you take your laundry to the dry cleaner next time.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Great Dry Cleaning Tips and Techniques

So with regards to dry cleaning, numerous clients basically drop into their neighbourhood dry cleaner, leave their uncommon articles of clothing and restore a couple of hours after the fact to discover them came back to immaculate condition. However, would it be that goes ahead in the dry cleaning process and exactly what number of kinds of dry cleaner choices are accessible for your different articles of clothing and textures?

There are various procedures that can be utilized when you go to the dry cleaner relying upon the texture and the stain, to be specific a dry perfect, wet clean and washing.

Dry Cleaning 

A dry clean is fundamentally when stains and washing is finished not through utilization of water but rather with a dissolvable. This dissolvable is utilized as a part of the place of water to break down stains through a compound procedure. This is exceptionally fitting for at whatever point a texture isn't reasonable for contact with water or if greasy or oily stains should be evacuated, while as yet holding that "like new" search for the piece of clothing.

The genuine procedure of dry cleaning is two phases of pre-treatment and washing.
Pre-treatment includes applying particular synthetic substances and medicines to particular stains and stamps though washing is much similar to typical washing yet this is the place the dissolvable is connected instead of water with the cleaning liquid refined to guarantee its lucidity.

Wet Clean 

Starts with much a similar procedure with the same pre-treatment yet it is the washing procedure that varies with water and different cleansers start utilized as a part of the washing. Albeit not at all like a general clothes washer, there are various synthetic substances included that restrict any loss of shading, shrinkage or changing of the texture.


While washing at home will utilize a scope of items and synthetics to expel general stains and soil, proficient washing improves on these synthetic concoctions to a more grounded level keeping in mind the end goal to evacuate harder stains utilizing cleansers, recolour removers and finishers that hold the nature of the texture.

When we say dry cleaning the vast majority will just expect this implies the cleaning procedure saved for touchy textures utilized for suits, shirts, dresses, coats and sensitive garments that basically can't be cleaned in a clothes washer. However the extent of dry cleaning alternatives is really stretched out to rugs, carpets and texture secured furniture choices with a dry cleaner ready to come into a home to repair and evacuate and harm cause inside the living space.

Extraordinary Dry Cleaning Tips and Techniques 

Some dry cleaning administrations contrast from others. Some dry cleaning administrations are more specific than others. This is the motivation behind why it is imperative to locate the best dry cleaners close you. Proficient dry cleaners don't take alternate ways; each and every progression is altogether performed, and it doesn't end there. Most expert dry cleaners ensure that after the cleaning happens, there is a full investigation of each and every piece to guarantee that the garments are immaculate and prepared to be given back to the customer. It is vital to search for this sort of thoughtfulness regarding your garments; it indicates genuine commitment and care.

Another awesome thing that great dry cleaners offer their customers is understanding. Some have many years of experience, which is something customers can trust. The administration is additionally critical. Maybe it would be advantageous for a few customers to have a dry cleaner that will likewise give a get and conveyance benefit, in addition to other things. The procedures behind dry cleaning are to some degree foggy to a few customers, however, it is straightforward: it is a procedure of cleaning apparel without utilizing real water. A standout amongst the most essential parts of dry cleaning your garments legitimately is the utilization of natural solvents, rather than water which may harm your garments. The solvents utilized amid dry cleaning does not recoil or generally demolish the shade of your dress, making them considerably more strong.

Dry cleaning organizations can likewise offer the advantage of their insight. They may reveal to you that if a stain happens to brush your garments, it is best to take it to a dry cleaning foundation at the earliest opportunity. It is additionally critical to keep the garments in a temperature controlled condition and not in a hot domain. Time and warmth make the stain harder to get out. It is most likely vital to know the sort of non-water based solvents utilized by your dry cleaners. Some utilization natural solvents, which are normally oil-based, yet there are some that utilization a chlorinated arrangement. There is another writer, which is a CO2 based arrangement. Some say this is a more eco-accommodating choice, for example, the oil-based arrangement.

A decent dry cleaner as a rule assault each stain in an unexpected way. Sugar stains, drain stains, pop stains and the blend of these all require an alternate kind of treatment. The majority of these medications include a breakdown in the layers of the stain. It could find a way to deal with one stain, which incorporates in excess of one fixing, similar to a pop. One thing that you may see a prepared dry cleaning proficient perform is a pre-shower. On the off chance that a customer knows where every one of the stains is found, at that point this customer basically brings up out with the goal that the dry cleaner can pre-spot them, which can facilitate the cleaning of said spot. Regardless of the issue, finding the correct dry cleaner can mean the contrast between a reestablished piece of clothing or a destroyed one.

A decent method to locate the best dry cleaners is through informal. Check out your office and inspect how your colleagues (and perhaps your manager) are dressed. On the off chance that the suits they wear look really great, you may coolly hit up a discussion with that individual and approach who does their dry cleaning for them. On the off chance that you don't know anybody in your work environment who needs dry cleaning, there are different spots you could attempt this strategy in (like in chapel, in the store, or even in the bank.) The key is to be unobtrusive about your line of addressing - the exact opposite thing you need is to crawl out the individual you are inquiring.

A harder method to locate the best dry cleaners is to just stroll around your locale and search for organizations that offer dry cleaning. You could then stroll in and begin getting some information about their administrations specifically. This (like the initial two alternatives above) implies having to in the long run experiment with their dry cleaning administration to check whether they are coming clean about their abilities.

A key thought when searching for the best dry cleaners is cost - you would prefer not to need to pay excessive sums only for dry cleaning. However, a similarly essential thought is the nature of the administration. So you need to measure cost against quality when attempting to discover incredible dry cleaners (paying little mind to which strategy you use to discover them.)

On the off chance that you believe you have enough data about the dry cleaning administrations you have found, and that you need to experiment with their administrations, it pays to think little toward the start. This implies giving them a chance to dry clean simply little things at any given moment. It might be ideal if these little things don't cost much and that you can stand to have them harmed (in the event that it ends up like that.) Only when they have demonstrated their aptitudes as the best dry cleaners should you begin giving once again your significant dry cleaning things to them.

Imagine a scenario in which you can't locate the correct dry cleaner.

I know how hard it can be to attempt and locate the correct one to keep your suit clean or your most loved dress unblemished, however in the event that you need to truly locate the correct dry cleaner in your city, you'll have to peruse surveys from individuals simply like you.